In 2016 Ukraine celebrates 25th Independence anniversary.

The Kyiv Post’s 25th Anniversary of Ukrainian Independence special insert will be a celebration of the quarter century of Ukraine’s existence as a modern state. It will include a retelling of the momentous events following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the birth of the state, key events in Ukraine over the last 25 years, and examine the country’s current state and future prospects.

Also included will be opinions and articles by Ukraine experts, a guide to the best places in Ukraine to visit, and articles on Ukraine’s most famous people and inventions, from before independence right up to the present. In addition, there will be information on the business people and companies who have found success in modern Ukraine, a review of the county’s top exports, and an article on Ukraine’s burgeoning tech and e-commerce sector.

Other features will include a review of the most influential books on Ukraine over the last quarter century, a gallery of iconic images from years past, and a review of the movies that have helped shape Ukraine’s image abroad.